DSC_1250Millionsun solar air collector

Solar air collector is a specific collector developed by Millionsun solar from 2009. Differentfrom the traditional solar collector using the water as the heat transfer fluid,solar air collector heats the air directly by using the air as heat transfermedium. Air drawn through the system absorbs the collector’s heating, risingin temperature by as much as required temperature, and then the warm airreturns to the drying chamber for the drying operation, or passes into theliving room for heating. Solar air collector can be widely used in industrial andagricultural dryingand spacing heating, etc.




Collector Type M-SBC/2.0-SAC

Description Unit Specification
Dimension (LXWXH ) mm 2000X1000X82
Gross Area 2.00
Aperture Area 1.86
Weight of the empty collector Kg 30
Max.idle temperature 130
Angle of inclination   20° to 90°
Cover Cover material Low iron patterned tampered glass
Cover thickness 3.2 mm
Cover transmission ≥93%
Absorber Material Full Aluminium sheet
Coating Blackchrome
Surface treatment Absorptivity 95%±2%
Emissivity 5%±2%
Insulation Material polyurethane
Frame Material Aluminium alloy 6063
Thickness 95mm / 80mm
Back plate Material Aluminium sheet
(0.5mm thickness)


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